The Spix's Macaw

Extract on Spix's Macaw from The Current Distribution and Status of Mainland Neotropical Parrots

by Robert S. RIDGELY published in Conservation of New World Parrots (Pages 241-2), the Proceedings of the ICBP Parrot Working Group Meeting on St. Lucia in 1980.

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A few strokes before midnight for the Spix's Macaw Cyanopsitta spixii

By Thomas ARNDT, Anton SOJER, Dr. Hans STRUNDEN, Roland WIRTH. Published in " Gefiederte Welt " (Issue 12/86) and translated by the website editor.

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Report on the journey in the region of Curaçá from 28th April to 10th May 1987

By Dr. Paul Roth in the ZGAP newsletter issued in October 1987. (Translated by the website editor from the original German text)

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Up-to-date information on the Spix Macaw

A presentation at Loro Parque in August 1987 by Carlos KELLER, Executive Director of the Tropicus Breeding Center.

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Spix's Macaw meeting on Tenerife

A report by Thomas Arndt in the ZGAP newsletter October 1987.

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Letter to the members of the ZGAP

Published in the ZGAP newsletter in October 1987.

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Cyanopsitta spixii: A Non-Recovery Report

by J.B THOMSEN and C.A.MUNN Published in 1988 in Parrotletter, the Newsletter and Journal of the ICBP/SSC Parrot Specialist Group, Vol. 1, Issue 1

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Spix's macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii)

A report by Anton Sojer to the membership of the ZGAP in March 1989        translated by the website editor

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Spix's Macaw -Cyanopsitta spixii. What do we know today about this rare bird?

A report on field work carried out from 1985 to 1988 by Dr. Paul ROTH published in "Papageien" (Issues 3/90 and 4/90), translated from the German by Tony Pittman for Cage & Aviary Birds.

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The Spix's Macaw An unpublished report

An unpublished report by British veterinarian George Smith received by Traffic International in October 1990.

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The habitat and status of Spix's Macaw Cyanopsitta spixii

by A.T.JUNIPER and C. YAMASHITA. Published in Bird Conservation International (1991) 1:1-9

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Spix's Macaw

An article by George.A.SMITH in the Parrot Society Magazine in May 1991 (Volume XXV)

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Entry on the Spix's Macaw in Threatened Birds of the Americas

by N.J.COLLAR, L.P GONZAGA, N.KRABBE, A.MADROÑO NIETO, L.G. NARANJO, T.A.PARKER III and D.C.WEGE. Published at the end of 1992 by the Smithsonian Institution Press of Washington and London in cooperation with the International Council for Bird Preservation, Cambridge, U.K.

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Conservation in the wild and Reintroduction Programme by Dr. Ma. Iolita BAMPI and Marcos DA-RÉ. A presentation at the International Loro Parque Parrot Convention, Teneriffe, 14 -17 September, 1994.

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Progress with Spix's Macaw in the wild

Tony PITTMAN tells us what he saw on his recent visit to the Spix's Macaw project in Brazil. Published in "Just Parrots" (Issue August/September 1995).

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Saving Species - Spix's Macaw Recovery Project

by John STOODLEY published in Caged Bird Hobbyist in April 1996 (Pages 56-7).

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Last chance to declare rarest bird in the world

A report published in Cyanopsitta, the newsletter of Loro Parque in June 1996 (Issue 41, Page 7)

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The world's rarest parrot gets a flexible friend

A report by David WAUGH published in Parrots, April/May 1997 issue (Pages 6-7).

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Does the world’s rarest macaw hybridize?

An article by David Waugh, PhD, Scientific Director, Loro Parque, Tenerife. Published in a.f.a Watchbird (Volume XXIV, Number 5) September/October 1997  

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Spix's macaw: News from the recovery project

A report in Issue 52 (March 1999) of Cyanopsitta, the newsletter of the Loro Parque Foundation.

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Report on Spix's Macaw

in the Miami Herald on 23rd August 1999 by Katherine ELLISON, Herald World Staff .

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Article on numbers of Spix's Macaw in captivity

by Nelson KAWALL. Published in the September/October 1999 issue of Atualidades Ornitológicas.

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The Spix's Macaw Conservation Programmme

Text by Natasha SCHISCHAKIN. A report in the June/September 1999 issue (Pages 12-15) of Cyanopsitta, the newsletter of the Loro Parque Foundation, Teneriffe.

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Out on a limb. A report on a visit to the Spix' Macaw project

by Alex BELLOS. Published in the Guardian on Friday, 17th December 1999.

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The American Federation of Aviculture and the Ara Brasil Institute

by Natasha SCHISCHAKIN, Conservation Coordinator, Conservation and Research Office Houston Zoological Gardens and Benny J. GALLAWAY & Robert J. BERRY, the American Federation of Aviculture. Published in the July/August 2000 issue of a.f.a Watchbird, the journal of the AFA.

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Update on the status of the last wild male Spix's Macaw

by Natasha SCHISCHAKIN, Conservation & Research Office Houston Zoological Gardens, Texas published in afa Watchbird (Volume XXVIII, Number 2, 2001 (Pages  62-3)

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The Spix's Macaw Recovery Committee will be restructured

A report in Issue 60 (March 2001) of Cyanopsitta, the newsletter of the Loro Parque Foundation

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Battle of the bird breeders

A report by Giles WHITTELL in The Times dated Friday, 11th January 2002

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The Spix's Macaw Recovery Programme

A Review by Tony JUNIPER presented at the 5th International Parrot Convention held at Loro Parque, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain from 18th to 21st September 2002 and published in the official Proceedings issued at the end of the convention. Clique aqui por la versión espagñola.

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An extraordinary find!

An article by Barry Fass-Holmes published in Parrots magazine in August 2003

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Wild ambition

A conversation with Ryan Watson about his work to create a future in the wild for the Spix's Macaw conducted by Ron Toft. Published in Cage & Aviary Birds on November 9th 2011.

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Spix's Macaw Project Update

Received from Martin Guth (ACTP) on 2nd June 2013

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