Imagens da arara glauca e arara azul de leari

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A pair of Lear's Macaw in flight

A group of Lear's Macaw on their way to feed

A breeding pair perching on a tree on top of the cliffs used by sentinel birds at night

A pair of Lear's Macaw in Brazil

Confiscated Lear's Macaw

Two little old ladies who lived at Bourton-on-the Water in England until the end of the 1980s.

Painting of a pair of Lear's Macaws in the wild by Eric Peake.

Licuri palm nuts - main food of the Lear's Macaw

The sandstone canyons in which the Lear's Macaw roost and nest

Lear's Macaw (right) and Glaucous Macaw (left) from an illustration in Souancé, 1857-1858

An early illustration of the Glaucous Macaw from Bourjot Saint-Hilaire, 1837-8

Mounted skin of Glaucous Macaw at Natural History Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tony squinting in bright winter sunshine of Buenos Aires with the skin of a Glaucous Macaw held at the Natural History Museum there

Nest sites in cliffs on the Rio Parana at Ita Ibate, Argentina, reported by D'Orbigny in 1827

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