Images of the Lear's Macaw around Serra Branca, Bahia

Click on thumbnail image to view the full sized picture. These images have been kindly sent to me by Sam Williams, a young post-graduate from North Yorkshire following his visit to Serra Branca in the state of Bahia, Brazil earlier this year (2002). PLEASE do not download any of these images to other websites as this will infringe his copyright.

N.B Articles on the Lear's Macaw in the wild can be found at this website page including Sam's own account of his trip to see the Lear's Macaws published in February 2002 in Parrots Magazine.

A view of Serra Branca

A garden patch with fruiting licuri palms

A Lear's Macaw feeding on palm nut kernel

A Lear's Macaw drinking juice squeezed from unripe fruit

A Lear's Macaw calling

A recently fledged Lear's Macaw

Parent feeding young macaw

Lear's Macaw sitting on palm frond

Lear's Macaw flying with licuri palm fruit

pair of Lear's macaws flying up from palm

Lear's Macaw at nest entrance

Images of the Blue Macaws and their Habitats

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