Hyacinthine Macaws in the wild

Breeding Hyacinthine Macaws Anodorhynchus hyacinthinusLatham

by Dr. B. DUBS. Published in " Gefiederte Welt" (Issue 1/85 P. 7)

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Extract on Hyacinthine Macaw from the The Current Distribution and Status of Mainland Neotropical Parrots

by Robert S. RIDGELY published in Conservation of New World Parrots (Pages 237-38), the Proceedings of the ICBP Parrot Working Group Meeting on St. Lucia in 1980.

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First among parrots - Hyacinth Macaws in the wild

by Robert S. RIDGELY. Published in Birds International, January/March 1989, Vol. 1, No. 1.

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Report on the Hyacinth Macaw in the Audubon Wildlife Report

in the Audubon Wildlife Report (1989/90, pages 405-19) by Charles A. MUNN, Jorgen B. THOMSEN and Carlos YAMASHITA

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Hyacinth Macaws: nesting habits in the wild

by William Donald CLARK. Published in aFa Watchbird (June/July 1991).

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Close encounters with Hyacinthine Macaws

by Tony PITTMAN. Published in Cage and Aviary Birds, UK. 28th December 1991.

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Entry on the Hyacinth Macaw in Threatened Birds of the Americas

by N.J.COLLAR, L.P GONZAGA, N.KRABBE, A.MADROÑO NIETO, L.G. NARANJO, T.A.PARKER III and D.C.WEGE. Published at the end of 1992 by the Smithsonian Institution Press of Washington and London in cooperation with the International Council for Bird Preservation, Cambridge, U.K.

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The Black Macaw of the Brazilians Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus

by Maja MÜLLER-BIERL. Published in "Gefiederte Welt ", issue 5/93

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Some recent research on the feeding habits of the Anodorhynchus Macaws

by Tony PITTMAN. Published in the Parrot Society Magazine, 1993, Vol. XXVII.

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The Great Blue Macaws

by Tony PITTMAN. Published in Just Parrots, 1995/6, Issue 7

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Man-made hatchery in Brazil

by Tony PITTMAN. Published in Just Parrots, 1996, Issue 9

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Neiva Guedes and the Great Blue Macaws

by Tony PITTMAN. Published in the Parrot Society Magazine, 1996, Vol. XXX

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Latest update on the Hyacinthine Macaw Project

by Tony PITTMAN. Published in the Parrot Society Magazine, 1997, Vol. XXXI

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Conservation in Action - nest tree maintenance

by Tony PITTMAN. Published in Just Parrots, 1997, Issue 18

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The Pantanal

A travel report by Thomas ARNDT published in WP Magazine (January/February 1998 issue, P. 16-21)

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Finding Hyacinth Macaw Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus in the Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brazil

by M.J. WHITTINGHAM, A.F.BROWN, A.DREWITT and S.REES. Published in Cotinga, the journal of the Neotropical Bird Club, Issue 10, Autumn 1998 (Pages 66-67)

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The inauguration of the new base for the Projeto Arara Azul

by Tony PITTMAN. Published in the Parrot Society Magazine, 1999, Vol. XXXIII (February)

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Hyacinth cliffs. Journey to Brazil to see those beautiful blue macaws.

By Angela DAVIDS, editor of Bird Talk. Published in the October 1999 issue of Bird Talk Magazine.

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Presentation at a symposium in Corumbá in November 2004

This is a translation of a presentation given by Neiva Guedes at a symposium in Corumba in Novermber 2004

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Occurrence of Hyacinth Macaw nesting sites in Sterculia apetala in the Pantanal

A paper has been recently published (2007) on the occurrence of Hyacinth macaw nesting sites in mandovi trees (Sterculia apetala). You can read this paper here

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Conservation puzzle:

Endangered hyacinth macaw depends on its nest predator for reproduction by Marco Aurélio Pizo, Camila I. Donatti, Neiva Maria R. Guedes, Mauro Galetti. Published in Biological Conservation 141 (2008) Pages 792-6

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This is the interesting paper by Gabriel Arvelino de Paula, RudiLaps and Erich Fischer on Hyacinthine macaws feeding on termites published in 2017 in Ornithologia Neotropical

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These blue macaws help grow the forest around them

This is a recently publshed article by Eduardo Franco Berton (8th April 2020) translated by Matt Rinaldi about a study conducted in how Hyacinthine and Lear’s Macaws help spread the seeds of 18 plant species in Brazil and Bolivia.

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Hyacinth Macaw Conservation in the Brazilian Pantanal

This interesting paper has just been published by the British Ornitholgists Union (July 2021). Subtitled " Habitat loss and lack of protected areas  threaten the iconic Hyacinth Macaw." it was written by three distinguished Brazilian conservationists.  

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The fate of the world’s most majestic macaw

David Waugh, Correspondent of the Loro Parque Fundacion, very recently wrote a very interesting article about the efforts of Neiva Guedes and her team to save the hyacinth macaws in the Pantanal following the recent horrendous wild fires there. 

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Organophosphate poisoning of hyacinth macaws in the southern Pantanal, Brazil

In his article on the fate of the world’s most majestic macaw David Waugh referred to a recent paper by E.C.Vicente and Neiva Guedes on the effects of organophosphate poisoning of hyacinth macaws through pesticides. The paper is reproduced here . 

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Latest News

  • Thursday 10th November 2022
    12 further Spix’s macaws to be released into the wild in December 2022

    It has been confirmed that 12 more Spix’s macaws will be released into the wild in December 2022. I’ll bring you more news on this when it happens. 

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