Adding more items to the website

An illustration of a Hyacinthine Macaw, a recent short article in Cotinga and reports on my visit to the Lear's Macaw project

Hi everyone! I have been exceptionally busy for the last ten weeks travelling to Germany and other destinations promoting British exports. Over Easter I shall have some time to catch up on adding more items to the website. Thanks for the feedback from some of you. It is much appreciated.

For now I am kicking off with an illustration of a Hyacinthine Macaw by Sydenham Edwards from 1812 acquired by the 13th Earl of Derby, patron of Edward Lear and founder of the famous menagerie at Knowsley. This is followed by a recent short article in Cotinga, the journal of the Neotropical Bird Club.

Then there are the reports, which appeared in the Parrot Society Magazine on my visit to the Lear's Macaw project in March 1998 and the inauguration of the new base for the Hyacinthine Macaw project in the Pantanal.

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