Angry outburst in court room

Angry outburst in court room

Harry Sissen vented his anger on the court after the ease in a series of actions intended to draw attention to his plight and that of his rare birds.

As the judge left the courtroom he shouted: "I reject completely the findings of this court. It is a total disgrace!"

Outside he told reporters "They are treating me like a common drugs importer".

"If I can import all these birds into the country then bringing in heroin must be an absolute doddle."

He scattered about £100 ($ 150) in £5 ($ 7.5) notes on the ground to show his disgust at how he felt "money" was the prime motive behind the case, while being filmed by a local TV camera crew.

He then sprayed one of his hands with black paint to signify the "injustice" he felt he had suffered and the other red to represent the blood of his parrots which had been confiscated.

Customs & Excise revealed last year that at least 29 of the 139 birds seized had died in their care including a Blue-throated Macaw, five Hyacinthine, four Red-fronted, three Buffon’s and two Scarlet macaws; three Red-vented eockatoos, a Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, a female Goliath Palm Cockatoo, and one of a breeding pair of Triton Cockatoos, plus two Thick-billed Parrots.

Harry aged 62, may now have to sell the family farm where he has lived since he was 14.

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 " Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret "

( If you drive out nature with a pitchfork, she will soon find a way back)

Horace (65-8 BC)