Project for indemnification for damage to corn plantings by Lear’s macaws (2017)

I have just received the latest  project report for the indemnification for damage to corn plantations by Lear's macaws in Bahia. The team has been working very hard under the leadership of Kilma Manso, who in addition has had problems at home with family ill-health.  

It can be summarised as follows:

The period covered was September 2017 to February 2018. The team covered a total area of 5,318 sq. kilometres.  132 farmsteads in 27 rural villages benefitted from the project by the distribution of  vouchers for a  total of 816 corn sacks weighing 60 kg each – a total of 48,960 kg (nearly 50 tonnes).   The total cost of the sacks of corn was US$ 9,530. The operational costs totalled US$ 5,845 making a total cost of US$ 15,375 for the period.

The full report with maps can be read in the articles section under "Lear's Macaws in the Wild."

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