Paper on the re-introduction of the Spix’s Macaw in the wild in the Caatinga Forest Domain

This is the paper recently published about the excellent work of Cromwell Purchase and his team in re-introducing the extinct in the wild Spix’s Macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii), into the Caatinga Forest Domain in Brazil. These birds have now successfully bred in the wild. 

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Thomas Arndt and I saw the last Spix’s Macaw - a male - in the wild when we visited Brazil in 1995. We took photographs of the male with an Illiger’s Macaw, which he had paired with. He disappeared soon after and we assumed he had been captured.  

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  • Tuesday 9th July 2024

    There is a short interesting article in the July 2024 issue of the German magazine "Papageien" about the setting up of a nature conservation centre for Spix’s Macaws  in the São Paulo zoo. Under the guidance of biologist Fernanda ... Read More »


 " Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret "

( If you drive out nature with a pitchfork, she will soon find a way back)

Horace (65-8 BC)