Latest news from Brazil about the Lear’s macaw situation with the power lines

I received another update today about the situation with the local authority in Bahia and the power company. Kilma Manso has stated that the State Attorney General’s office (Ministerio de Publico) directed by Dr. Luciana Khoury and Adriano Souza at the request by ECO, Kilma’s NGO, has made it mandatory for COELBA, the electric energy distributor in the region of the seven municipalities to:

- Bird impact proof their transmission lines to the extent possible 

- Provide total support construction and maintenance of a facility to grow licuri palm seedlings, including the cost of maintenance in the field for five years 

- Provide total annual support for the Corn Replacement Project for five years, including  acquisition of 1,500 60kg sacks of corn and the cost of the vehicles, lodging, truck maintenance and personnel.   

This is excellent news.   

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