70th Meeting of the CITES Standing Committee

70th Meeting of the CITES Standing Committee

The 70th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee took place very recently in Rosa Khutor, Russia and the representative of ACTP gave a presentation. This was commented on as follows on Facebook

" Besides taking care of the birds at our breeding facility near Berlin, there are also many other aspects to the work that we do. With all our projects we work directly with governments and a major part of this involves working with CITES in all of these countries. As such, it is very important that we stay up-to-date with the resolutions being discussed and implemented by CITES, for this reason we made a trip to Rosa Khutor (Sochi) in Russia this week to attend the 70th Meeting of the CITES Standing Committee. Being involved in these meetings means that we not only keep ourselves informed of changes and new resolutions in regards to the trade of endangered species, which is obviously of great importance for us, but also allows us to inform those working within CITES of how and why we do the work that we do. 

We were given the opportunity to present our work to delegates from all over the world at our side event “Bringing the Spix’s Macaw Home”. The event was very well attended, which demonstrates the huge interest surrounding the project to reintroduce this small blue macaw back into the wild in Brazil. It was fantastic to be able to show the work that we do, so as to give those in attendance a greater understanding of the project and challenges that we have overcome, along with those that lie ahead. 

To bring a species back from extinction is no easy feat, but our commitment and that of our partners in this incredible project, is to do whatever it takes to see these beautiful birds flying free in the Brazilian Caatinga once again!"



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