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You can find some links below about Blue Macaws

1. Article entitled Prehistoric cave paintings discovered by the website editor published in Cage and Aviary Birds in March 1994.

2. Entries on Hyacinthine Macaw, the Glaucous Macaw and the Lear's Macaw in Die Papageien, monographisch bearbeitet by Otto Finsch (the Joe Forshaw of the 19th Century) published 1867-8.

3. To the page on Bennett's Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological delineated has been added some relevant correspondence in The Magazine of Natural History between William Swainson and Edward Bennett published in the same year (1831). This is being investigated further, so look out for some new information on this page.

4. An experiment in colony breeding Hyacinthine Macaws by Carla Marquandt (1992)

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