Campaign for the repatriation of the three Lear's Macaws

The strong campaign for the repatriation to Brazil of the three confiscated Lear's Mcaws in England continues

The campaign to get the three confiscated Lear's Macaws in England repatriated to Brazil continues. They will not be re-released into the wild - this is sadly not possible - but will be used in a captive breeding project in or close to the distribution area of the species. The House of Lords refused to consider an appeal from Harry Sissen and the court hearing to decide on the fate of all the parrots confiscated by Her Majesty's Customs and Excise authorities will be held in a few month's time.

I am very pleased by the success of the website. The counter on the title page is being updated. The ISP had accidentally reset it to zero several times recently whilst carrying out routine maintenance, so I decided to remove it temporarily. However, the statistics provided by the ISP for February 2001 show that the website was visited by interested persons from 65 countries, ranging from the USA to Christmas Island. I hope to provide more new material in the coming weeks. Keep on visiting and sending those e-mails.

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