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Complete information about the three Lear's Macaws hatched at Loro Parque

On looking back at recent reports I have noticed that I did not complete giving information on the three Lear's Macaws hatched at Loro Parque in Tenerife this year. One of the two pairs of Lear's Macaws, then newly housed in the enclosure with the rock face to simulate their natural breeding habitat, laid an egg at the end of April, which they sadly damaged beyond repair. Five days later they laid another, which was removed almost immediately and found to have a small hole, which was repaired. This egg was placed with an experienced pair of Green-winged macaws (Ara chloroptera). As reported below on 27th May 2007, it successfully hatched on May 14th and was reared by the Green-winged macaws.

Then in mid-June the Lear's Macaws laid a further clutch with three eggs. The first was again slightly damaged, but after removal and repair was placed with another pair of Green-winged Macaws. This hatched on 16th July as reported below on 22nd July 2007 and is also being reared by its foster parents. The second egg was badly damaged and was replaced with a pottery egg. The third egg was laid shortly thereafter, but as the parents did not damage it, the team at Loro Parque decided to leave it with the parents to incubate and hatch, which it did on 23rd July. The parents reared it so well that it weighed 172g at 13 days. The image here shows its bulging crop. 

The first hatchling fledged in the middle of August and was soon flying around its aviary. It displayed the natural fear, which parent-reared young exhibit and sought protection from its foster parents despite the difference in plumage colour and size. The second hatchling fledged in September, by which time the first one was feeding on its own although still occasionally begging from its foster parents.  Finally the third hatchling in the care of its natural parents fledged recently and like the other two is doing well. 

This is the first European natural breeding of the Lear's Macaw and Matthias Reinschmidt and his team at Loro Parque are to be congratulated for their dedication and well-deserved success.

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