Historical documents and travel accounts

Excerpts and images on Blue Macaws

Historical documents and travel accounts

1. Excerpts referring to the Glaucous Macaw and its habitat from D’Orbigny’s Voyages dans l’Amerique méridionale. This includes images of skins from the Paris Natural History Museum and interactive links to other pages.
2. Article by Voous published in 1965 suggesting A. leari is a hybrid of hyacinthinus and glaucus. This has been linked with Helmut Sick’s letter published in Gefiederte Welt in 1979

3. Excerpts referring to Hyacinthine Macaws from The Naturalist on the Amazons by H.W.Bates published in 1863.

4. Excerpts from Travels in Brazil 1817-20 by von Martius, which contains the first reference known to the website editor on the feeding habits of the Hyacinthine Macaw and a reference to blue macaws in a locality, where Lear’s Macaws were found until recently.

5. Image of monochrome engraving of blue macaws at the London Zoo in the 1820s, with a bare facial patch more like the Lear’s Macaw or the Glaucous Macaw

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