Interesting article by Norbert Hebel

The article is about his experience in breeding Hyacinthine Macaws

Spring has finally come to Sussex. Last Monday, 6th May, we heard a cuckoo for the first time this year and have heard it every day since then.

There is a really interesting article by Norbert Hebel on his experiences in breeding Hyacinthine Macaws, which appeared in the April issue of Gefiederte Welt and which I have translated to place on the website. It includes an image of a hatchling being fed in the nest by the adult female. The original German text is viewable on the German language pages of the website.

There is also a report on breeding of Hyacinthine macaws in aviculture in Brazil in the most recent issue of Atualidades ornitologicas, which is also on the website. There is an abstract in English with the original report, but the website editor hopes to translate the entire report in the next few days.

Finally there is news of a change in the studbook-keeper of the Spix's Macaw project. In March IBAMA decided to appoint Carlos Bianchi supported by Dr. Wanderlei de Morares - both based inBrazil - to replace Natasha Schischalkin with more or less immediate effect.

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