Latest technical reports from the Projeto Arara Azul

In the ten years the project have identified, registered, monitored and maintained 264 natural nest sites

I am delighted to put the summaries of the latest technical reports from the Projeto Arara Azul under the direction of Neiva Guedes. Regular visitors will be aware that the project has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. The achievements of the project are very considerable. In the ten years 264 natural nest sites have been identified, registered, monitored and maintained. In addition 154 nest boxes have been constructed and installed. Thus at present well over 400 nest sites are being operated by the project. These also provide additional reproductive opportunity for other species of bird and mammal apart from the Hyacinthine Macaw.

In the last period reported Neiva and her team incubated three eggs in the laboratory and returned the hatchlings successfully to the nest. Again website visitors may recall that several years ago Neiva returned two young recovered from a trapper to nests with young of similar age and these were accepted and reared by the adult Hyacinthine Macaws. We have always believed that eggs and young bred in captivity locally with macaws, which for whatever reason cannot be released, could be introduced to the wild and Neiva has once again proved this is possible.

I have also put a translation of an interesting entry on a blue macaw from Dr. Ocken's Allgemeine Naturgeschichte für alle Stände published in 1835 on the website under Historical documents.

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