Lear's macaws successfully released in Brazil

There was a report in the British weekly newspaper Cage & Aviary Birds last month that six Lear's Macaws had been successfully released into the wild in Bahia by the Loro Parque Foundation. Loro Parque has been in partnerhip with the Brazilian Government for 13 years and successfully bred 30 macaws from two pairs donated by the Government in 2006. A total of 15 macaws had been sent to Brazil with nine forming the basis of a breeding programme and the remaining six ear-marked for release under strictly controlled conditions.

The macaws were initially housed in a large aviary in conditions resembling their natural habitat while fruit was placed in the vegetation just ouside the aviary to ensure the macaws would find food easily and be encouraged to stay close by.

The first of the macaws was tagged to make sure its movements could be tracked and once it had returned from its initial excursion the remainder of the group was released. .  

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