More great news from Brazil

Great news from Brazil. Eight of the captive-bred Spix’s Macaws there will be released into the wild on Saturday, 11th June. Further news is available on the ACTP website ( This a great step in re-introducing the Spix’s Macaws into the wild. 

Also I have had news from Brazil about the Lear’s macaws in the area where the wind-farm was planned.  The contract with COELBA, the Brazilian based company in the electrical energy sector, for funding the corn project and the planting of licuri palms for four years was formally signed yesterday - 6th June 2022. Kilma Manso has won valuable friends in the Ministry of Justice for the corn project. Kilma and Bill Wittkoff from the Lymington Foundation are also starting the planning of an auxillary project for the planting of a dedicated area of 2 or 3 hectares just for corn for the Lear’s Macaws. 

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