Outbreak of Proventricular Dilatation Disease

According to a report published by AWWP on its website, three Spix's Macaws have died

There has been concerning news about an outbreak of Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD), otherwise known among aviculturists as macaw wasting disease, among the Spix's Macaws transferred from Antonio de Dios' collection to Qatar. According to a report published by Al-Wabra Wildlife Preservation on its website here, three Spix's Macaws have died. I have heard from other sources that one or two more may have died since, but cannot confirm this at present. In any event Al-Wabra is to be commended on its openness in publishing this document presented by four distinguished German veterinarians at a meeting in Prague earlier this year.

Also concerning is information that larger numbers of Spix's Macaws are present in Switzerland than generally believed and are being offered for sale with some being transferred outside Switzerland. It is reported as well that Sheikh Al-Thani is seeking to re-home the Spix's Macaws acquired from Roland Messer and at present still in Switzerland. A location in the UK has been among several suggested, but I am not alone in thinking that the Sheikh would be ill-advised to pursue this and hopefully IBAMA would not agree to it.

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