Remind about the International Parrot Convention

I remind everyone again about the International Parrot Convention to be held at Tenerife from 22nd to 25th September

I apologise for the lack of entries recently, but I moved house and got myself a new server. Firstly I have received news that ACTP in Germany have successfully bred 2 Spix's Macaws. Congratulations to Martin Guth and his team. The team at Al-Wabra has also produced two chicks and should also be congratulated. More on this soon. Lastly I should like to remind everyone again about the International Parrot Convention to be held at Tenerife from 22nd to 25th September. The early-bird prices are still available until 1st June, so don't delay and send in your application forms, which are available to download in four languages at the Loro Parque website.  There is also the Facebook page for the convention at P.S Please don't forget to mention the Blue Macaws website on the completed application form. 

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