Simon Degenhard statement on ACTP and Al-Wabra

Simon Degenhard wrote the following recently:

"ACTP and  Al Wabra have formed an amazing partnership and together they are pushing forward in leaps and bounds in their shared goal of seeing the beautiful Spix's Macaw flying free in the wilds of the Caatinga, in Brazil again! With each breeding season we are getting closer to this being a reality and I for one, cannot wait to see all of the hard work that these two incredible organisations are doing pay off!

Without incredibly dedicated conservation organisations such as ACTP and Al Wabra species such as the Spix's Macaw would not have a second chance. These two NGOs, along with their partners in the Spix's Macaw De-Extinction Project, are bringing the Spix's Macaw back from the abyss of extinction; such a project is unprecedented - never before has an extinct parrot been reintroduced back into the wild!

Albeit a seemingly next to impossible task, ACTP and Al Wabra have joined forces to make it happen and if anyone can do it, it\'s these two world leading conservation organisations!"

It is indeed a remarkable achievement!

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