Ten miles for the Spix's Macaw

Ten miles for the Spix's Macaw

The following report by Mark Stafford has just appeared on the Parrots International Facebook page

"On Sunday, August 4th 2019, hundreds of people took part in the Spix's Macaw run, in the community of Curaca - Bahia, in Brazil. As part of the yearly Cowboy festival, an open run for young and old, locals and tourists, was organized, to broaden the ecological awareness of the Spix's Macaw reintroduction. Starting at the Center for Reproduction and Reintroduction of the Spix´s Macaw, arriving at the headquarters of the Association of the Melancia Community (the local organizer), the total running distance was 16 kilometers (10Miles). Additionally an alternative route of 6km for kids was set up. The ten miles Spix's run took place in the historical habitat of the little blue macaw, that is extinct in the wild since 2000.

ACTP, with support from the Pairi Daiza Fundation and Deli Nature (Group Depre), sponsored the whole event, including shirts and prices for the participants, as part of the community work of the Spix's macaw reintroduction program.

We are glad to see the amazing pictures of woman, man and families, enjoying the sports. More than 300 people, from 6 years to over 60 years old, took part in the run and more than 2000 were watching. 

We would like to thank everyone who made this amazing event possible, first of all Santana Sport Advisory, who were the technical advisors. It's good to see that so many people of the local community are waiting for the Spix's macaw to return in its natural habitat."


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