The 25th International Ornithological Congress

Speakers will talk about their successful projects that are helping the conditions of Macaws

We were very disappointed to hear at the AFA convention from American veterinarian Dr Darrel Styles that it has been established now that avian bornavirus is not the sole causative agent for Proventricular Dilatation Syndrome (PDD), known colloquially as Macaw Wasting Disease, as thought two years ago. This means the development of an effective vaccine is at present not possible.

The 25th International Ornithological Congress will be taking place at Campos do Jordão in Brazil from 22nd to 28th August. The city of Campos do Jordão is 170 km (106 miles) north-east of São Paulo and 300 km (190 miles) north-west of Rio de Janeiro. Among the speakers are Neiva Guedes from the Arara Projeto Azul and Luis Fabio Silveira from São Paulo University. Neiva will be taking about her project's highly successful work with Hyacinthine Macaws in the Pantanal and Professor Silveira on the equally successful work with the Lear's Macaws at Toca Velho near Canudos in Bahia. There is further information on the IOC website here.

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