The birth of Frieda

Good news from Germany: three eggs successfully hatched! Unfortunately just one survived

At the end of last month just before I left for South America I received news from Germany that one of the three eggs laid by the pair of Spix's Macaws held at the premises of the AssociationFrieda for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots (German: Verein zur Erhaltung bedrohter Papageien) near Berlin had successfully hatched. The hatchling has proven to be female and is called Frieda. One of the other eggs was fertile and hatched with assistance, but sadly that hatchling did not survive. The third egg was said to be infertile. Frieda is the only Spix's Macaw successfully hatched this year worldwide within the international official breeding programme. Any breeding within the group of Swiss aviculturists outside the official programme is, however, at present unknown.  

ACTP claims to hold further Spix's Macaws in Switzerland, which produced two young last year, but I have not yet had this confirmed by a reliable independent source.

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