The Jurong Bird Park in Singapore

Apart from the many parrots, I saw several species of bird-of-paradise and the great blue turaco

St George's Day and I heard the cuckoo for the first time this year today. Two weeks ago I flew to Singapore for a three day business trip, but managed to find time to visit the Jurong Bird Park, about which I had heard and read so much. The large walk-through aviaries are especially impressive. Apart from the many parrots I saw several species of bird-of-paradise and the great blue turaco, which I saw last seventeen years ago when I visited Ruanda and its neighbouring countries. I also saw and heard at Jurong Bird Park a Yellow-naped Amazon parrot, which can count to ten in Malay, Chinese and English. It also sang a Malay love song, a Chinese children's rhyme and Happy Birthday in English to three visitors celebrating their birthday that day. 

Whilst on the subject of impressive presentations I should like to remind interested website visitors that the early registration booking date for the  International Parrot Convention held every four years at Loro Parque, Tenerife is fast approaching. All registrations received before 31st May are subject to a substantial discount. This great occasion, which attracts more than 850 delegates from around the world, will be held from Wednesday, 27th to Saturday, 30th September 2006. It begins with a welcome reception on the evening of 27th September, then the mornings of the next three days are given over to a series of presentations by scientists, field-workers, conservationists and leading aviculturists. More information and booking forms are available by visiting the convention website at

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