The purchase of the Concordia ranch

The Concordia ranch by AWWP in the former habitat area of the Spix's Macaw has been confirmed after 7 months of negotiations

The only captive Spix's Macaw back into the wild

I have just returned from attending the Aviary Convention at Jurong Bird Park mentioned below on 5th October.  More about this later. In the meantime the purchase of the Concordia ranch by Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation (AWWP) in the former habitat area of the Spix's Macaw has been
confirmed after seven months of negotiations and navigating legal mine-fields.

Located in Bahia State in the district of Curaça, the 2,200 hectar (5,500 acres) Concordia Farm is within the most historically significant range of the Spix's Macaw. One of the last recorded sightings of wild Spix's Macaw amongst the Caraibeira Trees lining the Melancia Creek, which flows through the property, was during October 2000. Concordia Farm was also the base of the Spix's Macaw field project, which operated throughout the 1990s, until completion in 2002. In 1995, the release of the only captive Spix's Macaw back into the wild, was from this location.

AWWP secured Concordia Farm for the Spix's Macaw and plans to allow it to return to a more natural state by removing domestic livestock. In the long term, it hopes that this land will prove to be a valuable habitat resource for plans in the future to re-establish Spix's Macaws back in the wild.

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