Transfer of the images of the Projeto Arara Azul

I have separated out the images and put them on the dedicated page you can find below

As the nest box programme of the Projeto Arara Azul is a vital part of the conservation work for the Hyacinthine Macaw in the southern Pantanal and is approaching its 10th year I have separated out the images and put them on this dedicated page.

Neiva and Tony     Group of German aviculturists

Hyacinthine Macaw looking out of a nest     A pair of Hyacinthine Macaws exploring a nest box

Two very young different-sized macaws in a nest box     A young macaw in an artificial nestbox

Hyacinthine macaw peeking out of nestbox     Hyacinthine macaw pair defending their nestbox

A nesting hawk looking out of nestbox     Hyacinthine macaw looking out of nestbox

Two young hatched in above nestbox     First time known occurrence of triplets in nestbox

Young macaw - 55 days old     Young macaw being inspected after being found on ground after falling from nest box

Muscovy Duck peering out of nest box     Pair inspecting nestbox

Young macaw looking out of nest box     Young macaw looking out of heavily repaired natural cavity

Parents of above fledgling     Same parents with slightly older sibling, which flew the nest successfully

Young siblings from breeding season

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