Worldwide concern about the future of Al-Wabra Wildlife Preservation

After the death of Sheik Saoud Al-Thani the future of the Al-Wabra Wildlife Preservation is unsure

As expected there has been considerable concern worldwide about the future of Al-Wabra Wildlife Preservation following the very sad recent loss of Sheikh Saoud Al-Thani. The family has issued a statement today, which is very re-assuring, as follows:

Dear All,

Since the passing of our Sheikh Saoud Al-Thani, we have been inundated with questions as to what will happen to Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, not to mention all the rumours floating around.

We can officially tell you that Al Wabra and its projects will continue and Al Wabra will grow to new heights and strengths in the name of Sheikh Saoud Al-Thani. His immediate family and our General Manager

stand by his dreams and legacy and will make him proud! Thank you for all your support and concern for our animals and our work. May Sheikh Saoud Al-Thani rest in peace and may our work exceed even his massive dreams!

The Al Wabra family.

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